01.    ME Magazine

I am creating a magazine about or influenced by myself. So this project is called “ME MAGAZINE”. All the content is related to my experience, memories, hobbies and interests... Kawataro is the name of the book, because I’ve been using it as account ID for every social media, so it is like my symbol which represents myself the best.

02.    LIPTON Re-branding

This is a re-branding project. I selected an existing CPG (consumer packaged goods) brand that is not popular or has fallen out of favor/fashion. I will be re-branding the company from the ground up. Lipton is a good choice to re-brand as a brand I support their products.

03.    The Monograph

We are creating a website monograph (physical or digital) for an artist, architect, or designer. The goal is for design to work naturally with your subject and for it to accentuate and express the nature of the person's work.

Sk8thing: A graphic designer from Tokyo, Japan who worked for BAPE, BBC and WTAPS...

04.    Time Capsule

Coming to the end of your last semester. This project is about a time capsule of this moment in time at SVA. What have I experienced in the past year? What does it feel like to be a design student right now? What do I care about? What are my fears? What do I want people to know?  So I choose the Chinese calander as the format since it is a good concept of time capsule.

05.    AI Branding

In the past few years, advances in AI and Machine Learning have led to the creation of powerful image and text tools. Projects like DALL-E 2 and MidJour- ney and Hyperwrite are beginning to be utilized in professional settings. It is important to learn about these tools and how to use them.

Step 1: Naming

To help me with naming, I brought in Hyperwrite (an AI writing tool). I feed it by typing in “Graffiti paint company”, then let Hyperwrite iterate on that description, getting it to describe for itself. I loved the term “Brick Wall”, so I chose it for the name of my brand, which is also the key element for the next step of designing a logo for it.

Step 2: Visualizing

I asked the AI to create a series of logo tests. Featured here are generic data sets constructed from past im- ages, found by prompting “LOGO of paint company named brick wall”. We used the DALL.E model because it gives a wide variety of images. Then I decided to start with the first solution. Next, I got the preliminary and final logo design by modifying.

Step 3: Branding

After getting the final LOGO, I started to design the product packaging of this brand. My idea is that the paint bottle has a simple and clean base color, and the information bar above is also well sorted.

Step 4: Website

This brand needs a good looking website and it must be clean and simple to fits the style. There are 2 visual solutions of it.

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